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About Us

We are located in China, which is called “the factory of the world”.

I bet that you may have at least one thing tagged as “made in China”.

China is the paradise for crafting lover enthusiasts, there are numberless crafting tools and materials which are with high quality and low price.

At the same time, China has the most advanced and cheapest logistic system which can send products everywhere in the world.

Therefore, I’m considering that why don’t I share these with crafting enthusiasts like me around the world?

Every single product in my shop is selected carefully by me and is in high quality.

I want to run this shop always, for five years, for ten years, for twenty years, even for a life-long time…

I hope every customer once bought things from my shop can come back again and again with the trust, and even when you are lacking something in the process of crafting, you would think firstly: oh, let me go to Rachel’s to have a look first, she probably can offer me the suitable thing.

I hope to share the enjoyment in the process of handmade and to help everyone figure out the confusions of crafting, at the same time, I hope all of you can accompany me to improve constantly.

Thanks & enjoy your crafting!

From Rachel