FREE Standard Shipping on Order of US$35. / FREE Express Shipping on order of US$79.99.

More Explanation of Our Shipping

We received one message today, one kind customer said that she bought something from other Chinese supplier’s before, but the delivery time was 5 months,so she worry all the shipping time from Chinese suppliers now.

We don’t know the details of the matter,but no matter what reason, “5 months” is a terrible time.

So we want to explain our Shipping Time again. (The below shipping time is usually for these countries: USA,Canada,Australia,UK,DE,FR. To other countries, we may only accept Express Shipping, thanks. )

We have 2 shipping methods. One is Standard Shipping (shipping time is about 10-30 days), the other is Express Shipping (shipping time is about 3-12 days).

So if you need items urgently, we very suggest that you can try placing the order reach US$79.99, then there will be FREE Express Shipping. We got many feedback that many customers said that the Express Shipping time is even fast than they buy in their local market.

And if you don’t need items urgently, we also very suggest that you can try our standard shipping. To some big cities, the delivery time is also not bad.

And of course, The problems from the courier company (lost the parcel,etc.) or the customs ( customs inspection,etc.) exist inevitably. But we never use them as an excuse and let our customer wait endlessly. We are only the small business, so we don’t have any rigid rule, our biggest rule is to do our best to give every customer the best service.

So,dear everyone, if you like our products, pls don’t hesitate,pls give us a chance to dispel your doubt. We appreciate everyone's kind support very much. Thanks again & have a nice day. :)

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