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Size of KAM Plastic Snaps

Each Set contains 2 Caps + 1 Stud + 1 Socket


Cap Diameter

Cap Prong


Size 16



For thinner cloth

Size 20 (Glossy & Matte & Heart & Star)



Most commonly used size

Size 20 Long Prong



For thicker cloth

Size 22



For thicker cloth

Tips: Snaps are not one-size-fits-all. 

If snaps are too long for your fabric, they won't close properly. If they're too short, they'll fall off.

And meanwhile, some cloth maybe not too thinner, but it's easy to tear, so maybe Size 16 snaps is better.

Based on this reason, it's important to choose the proper size / length as per your material.

Which size works best for you will depend on a number of variables, such as the fabric, its density and compression levels, how hard you are able to press, and your own personal preference. 

For these reasons, sorry that we are unable to provide specific size recommendations for every scenario.

So if you're not sure enough about your fabric, it's better to order a small quantity of each sizes snaps to try. Thanks.