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8 Multi Heads Groove Creaser

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Jerry Gallegos
Awesome product

Awesome product...

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8 Multi Heads Groove Creaser is used for adding ornamental lines on all kinds of leather and shaping craftwork.

***Material: 304 Stainless steel + Sandalwood

Sold in 1 set,containing 1 handle + 8 heads.

* 1PC 1.0mm Groove Creaser Head

* 1PC 1.5mm Groove Creaser Head

* 1PC 2.0mm Groove Creaser Head

* 1PC 3.0mm Groove Creaser Head

* 1PC 3.0mm Shaping Head

* 1PC 4.0mm Groove Creaser Head

* 1PC 4.0mm Shaping Head

* 1PC 5.0mm Shaping Head

Tips: 1mm=0.03937inch

How to use:

*Groove creaser Head is used for adding ornamental lines on all kinds of leather.

When using on vege-tan leather, you can wet the leather lightly or heat the stainless steel end in advance.

When using on chrome tanned leather, you should heat the stainless steel end with an alcohol lamp first.

Hold the groove crease backhand and fix the edge of longer end close to the leather edge and the edge of shorter end will add a paralle, round and heave ornamental lines on the leather surface.

*Shaping Head is used to buldging and fold the leather.

Tips: To maintain metal parts, please keep it dry from being rusted after used. Metal parts will be rusted if it's put in wet environment for long, you can use sandpaper or rust remove paste to sand it down.

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