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400 Sets KAM® Snaps--Size 20 Glossy

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Carolyn Lair
The product is great

also ordered the dies for setting, would be handy if there were someway to lable the parts.

Sonya Roy

Good quality easy to fix fast shipping snaps tool is now my favorite shop for hardware

Click to check how to Install KAM® Plastic Snaps with KST-02 Press Machine.

Click to check how to Install KAM® Plastic Snaps with KST-O3 Pliers.

Click to check how to Remove KAM® Plastic Snaps With KST-03 Pliers.

**This listing is 20 Colors * 20 Full Sets. Total is 400 Full Sets KAM® Snaps--400 Sets Size 20 Glossy Snaps**

Each Set contains 2 pcs size 20 Glossy Caps + 1 pc Stud + 1 pc Socket

Size: In the picture.

Color: In the picture

Tips: 1mm=0.03937inch 

*** Color sampler card with actual snap caps for easy color matching

*** KST-01 & KST-02 & KST-03 tools all can install KAM Snap Buttons, but KST-01 & KST-02 need Dies.

Tips from Rachel: 

We always refer to KAM® Snaps, which actually means KAM® Plastic Snaps, because "KAM" is the original brand. It is a well-known Chinese brand. Many agencies (including us) around the world sell KAM® Snaps, but regardless of the trademark they use, only "KAM" is the original trademark.

So, everyone, if you want to verify whether the snaps are original KAM® Snaps or not, please check the snap caps. On the original KAM® Snaps, "KAM®" is marked on every snap cap. Thank you.

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