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Original KAM®Plastic Snaps -- Quick Order Form( 50 Sets Packing)

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Sharmayne Freeman

Ok am so confused with these snaps I had to order two packs to accomplish what I needed to have done..., size 16&20..I used one part for each on my garment because the two used together did not work.. I will resume ordering them again,..

Bonnie Stromberg

Worked great. Just what I wanted

Click to check how to Install KAM® Plastic Snaps with KST-02 Press Machine.

Click to check how to Install KAM® Plastic Snaps with KST-O3 Pliers.

Click to check how to Remove KAM® Plastic Snaps With KST-03 Pliers.

Sold in packs of 50 sets, each set is 4 pieces.

That is 100 PCS Matte Caps + 50 PCS Studs + 50 PCS Sockets 

Cap Diameter: 10.7mm / Cap Prong: 5.9mm

Tips: 1mm=0.03937inch 

*** Color sampler card with actual snap caps for easy color matching

*** KST-01 & KST-02 & KST-03 tools all can install KAM® Snap Buttons, but KST-01 & KST-02 need Dies.

Tips from Rachel: 

We always refer to KAM® Snaps, which actually means KAM® Plastic Snaps, because "KAM" is the original brand. It is a well-known Chinese brand. Many agencies (including us) around the world sell KAM® Snaps, but regardless of the trademark they use, only "KAM" is the original trademark.

So, everyone, if you want to verify whether the snaps are original KAM® Snaps or not, please check the snap caps. On the original KAM® Snaps, "KAM®" is marked on every snap cap. Thank you.

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